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Co-Founder Conversation Starter

Welcome to the EWOR Co-Founder Conversation Starter!

We have developed this tool to help you and your potential co-founder(s) determine if co-founding a start-up together is the right move for you. 

In this questionnaire, you will find a range of questions on topics such as motivation, conflict resolution, and your definition of success. In total, you will encounter 7 pages with 4 to 7 questions each.

We recommend setting aside about 60–90 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. Many of the questions require some deep reflection and sidestepping your ego. Please be as honest and transparent as possible, and don’t try to write the answer you think your potential co-founder(s) might want to hear. Many start-ups fail because of co-founder conflicts, so let’s start your co-founder relationship off on the right foot - or not at all.

Once you've finished the questionnaire, we'll automatically create a report based on your responses and share it with you and your potential co-founders. These reports will be the foundation for your upcoming discussions. 

But before we get started, let’s start with the basics.

Who are you?

Who should we send a copy of the report to?