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EWOR Co-Founder Pool

We are excited that you want to be part of our co-founder pool!
As founders ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to find suitable co-founders. The EWOR Co-Founder Pool has been developed to help current and former EWOR Fellows find their co-founders. By filling in this form, you will become part of a highly vetted pool of exceptional people that we will share with our current and former fellows.
Please note that some of the information we are asking for was already shared by you in your application form. However, privacy regulations prohibit us from sharing that data with third parties. Hence, we have to ask you to enter that information again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Soon after filling in this form, you may receive messages from current and former EWOR Fellows to get to know you better and explore whether you could be a potential co-founder. To ensure you get high-quality matches, please make sure to answer the questions accurately and truthfully.
We wish you happy matching!
The EWOR Team